b. 1979, Tîrgu-Mureș, RO

lives and works in Bucharest, RO


2008 – 2010 – MA Painting, National University of Arts, Bucharest

2005 – 2008 – BA Painting, National University of Arts, Bucharest


2016     Float, glide, fly, H'art Gallery,  Bucharest

2016     No Other Time, No Other Place, Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf

2012     Together Alone, atelier 030202, Bucharest

2011     Young Romanian Artists. Hand-stitched Portraits, 26 Gallery, Bucharest

2009     I Wonder What You're Thinking, MORA Gallery, Bucharest


2016     The Artist at 30, ARCUB, Bucharest

2015     LABORNA & friends – Work in progress II, LABORNA Gallery, Bucharest

2015     Auch Gestern war Heute, Ausstellungs Halle, Frankfurt

2014     11172014 Project, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest

2013     BOLD, Pop Up gallery, Bucharest

2013     Finish it, atelier 030202, București

2013     Interieur-Exterieur, Ion Mincu House, Bucharest

2012     Drawing, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest

2011     New Figurative, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest

2011     Molcom tare, factor92 Gallery, Bucharest

2011     The Silk Exhibition: Presence, Affinity & Loss, LC Foundation, Bucharest

2011     Figure In. Figure Out, LC Foundation, Bucharest

2010, MNAC, Bucharest


2016     Artist Residency in the City of Düsseldorf with the support of “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center Mogoșoaia             and Kulturamt Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Germany

2013     Round Forest Residency, offered by K'ARTE Association, Reghin, Romania

2011     Tescani Painting Residency organised by ”George Enescu” National Museum, Bacău, Romania


Auch Gestern war Heute”, Works from Daniel Ștefănică Collection, concept Erwin Kessler, ICR Berlin, 2015

Snapshot Romania. Contemporary Artists from Romania”, curator Claudio Scorretti, Fabrica, Italy, 2013