Artists: Gili Mocanu

Gili Mocanu

Sport, Tourism, Hygene
After his death, they found a document sewn on the inside of his coat:
“Fire. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of the philosophers and the scholars…“ – it is Blaise Pascal´s vision
Meeting Gili has always been a spectacular, interesting and somewhat mystic event
One can never just “have fun” with Gili
for him, humor and entertainment are just the begining, the warm-up for research
If  you haven’t touched fundamental problems after 5 minutes of talking to him, it means that the meeting is a failure, and probably you bore him to death
The first impulse (and the most sincere one) was to write with small letters just a single, but powerful sentence
I would have written: “Gili is from another world” and I would have left the rest of the page blank
Not really blank. I would have signed it passionately
I wish you can imagine that I’ve done the above and that everything that follows must be doubled by that sentece
Now I will tell you about “Sport, Turism, and Hygene” and I want you to double everything, like in a spell, with variations of this simple sentence “…from another world”
are three concepts that Gili operates with (in another world)
It’s a triad that explains the un-spoken communion (through another world)
It clarifies the posible references of the artist (towards another world):
towards the society – Tourism
towards the abyss of the self – Hygene
or the synthesis of the two, the reconcilliation with the self and with the people in this world, in – Sport
I won’t give any more details because the three concepts must remain hermetic (in the other world)
They are the azimuth of any honest research (of this world)
Warhol and Beuys are masters of Tourism
Caspar David Friedrich and Munch of Hygene
Duchamp and Mondrian do Sport
Likewise Gili does Sport
Sport is confession; it is clearness of the spirit
Those who do Sport live by the gate of eternity which they show to us, some dying ducks in a thunderstorm (of this world)
Signing again,
Dan Popescu