From the newspaper “LA STAMPA” / Friday 27 January 2006 page 27 Text “Su Arte Fiera il vento dell’ Est” by Rocco Moliterni 

“Eastwards Emerging Markets è invece la sezione, curata da Marina Sorbello, che sfodera una decina di nuove gallerie dei paesi dell’ Est e anche un dibattito con critici e curatori. “I paesi dell’Est – spiega la Sorbello – offrono nuove opportunita  di investimento al mercato internazionale. E in queste gallerie si possono trovare lavori e storie molto interessanti”. C’è chi riflette sulla confusione ideologica attuale (il rumeno Vlad Nanca) affiancando due bandiere: una falce e martello in campo azzuro e le stele dell’ Unione Europea in campo rosso. Oppure chi, come l’altro romeno Gorzo, punta sulla confusione sessuale dipingendo coloratissimi ermafroditi ciccioni.” 

From press releases Arte Fiera Bologna, January 2006 

“EASTEWARDS Emerging markets mainly presents little known positions in Italy and relatively young artists. The Romanian galleries Posibila and H'art only present artists under 35, all belonging to the generation formed after the end of Communism. H'art Gallery presents works by Dumitru Gorzo, who in his painting makes fun of Romania’s rural aesthetics and mixes it with pop and graffiti influences, and Vlad Nanca, who provocatively combines the symbols and colours of European Union flags with symbols of Communism.” 

“Alongside the exhibits of internationally accredited galleries, ARTEFIERA ART FIRST 2006 presented the offerings of young galleries – a broad spectrum of previously unseen works for a public of enthusiasts and collectors. EASTWARD Emerging markets and L’ESPRIT NOUVEAU were the two events focusing on new trends. EASTWARD Emerging markets offered a look at the artistic output of countries from “new Europe”, a culturally dynamic region keen to compare ideas with the international community and still relatively unknown on the commercial circuits, yet packed with opportunities. The event sought to promote, via art, reciprocal awareness and networking between Italy and the countries of new Europe, involving visitors via the works shown by the exhibiting galleries and an interesting round table (EASTWARDS: a look at the art and emerging markets of new Europe)."