Cláudio Garrudo presents at the Borderline series, his most recent work having has as metaphor the functioning named Borderline, where the photographer explores different extreme situations like death or insanity, and multiple identities, incarnating other personalities. However, borderline also refer us to other meanings of a more literal nature: border and demarcation, but also something that isuncertain or ambiguous. And in this way, Garrudo proposes a reflection about that thin line which separates sanity from insanity, the quiet from disquiet. In the photography series presented at the exhibition, Cláudio Garrudo resorts to his own body as “object” of the photographed scene, in a double confrontation. On the one hand the confrontation that the picture per se raises in the observer. Somehow, by recognizing the resemblance to the object of art, we look into ourselves in another way: there is as a time and space suspension. It intrigues us, touches us, and perturbs us in an (almost) direct circuit between the exterior and our most intimate refuge. And that, perhaps, may be one of the challenges of this work from Cláudio Garrudo, where we may be his accomplices in the discovery of the several “selves” that each one of us encloses. Or maybe not… the ground is free, and the readings very personal. On the other hand, when photographing himself it occurs a confrontation between the artist and his art, between inside and outside of the composition, after all when taking self portraits or making self representations (a question itself ambiguous…), Cláudio Garrudo becomes voyeur of himself, putting himself at the same level as the observer. We see one another and ourselves. This series reveals us another side of Cláudio Garrudo’s artistic work, more existentialist, denser, recalling Mário Sá-Carneiro’s poem: “I’m not me neither I’m the other. I’m something inbetween. Pillar of the bridge of boredom. That goes from me to the other.” (Ana Matos)

With the help of:
Galeria das Salgadeiras
Institutul Camoes
Institutul Cultural Roman – Lisabona