​​Gorzo – I love God

Horse races in Circus Maximus were central events for the Romans. All the intrigues and political changes took place there. Football is, undoubtedly, the modern sport. It is an almost perfect game, with simple rules, without challenging physical, technical or material requirements (can be played on any off-road with minimal equipment), but with a high degree of unpredictability, spectacle and chance. With a good strategy one can turn a difficult situation in one’s favour. Almost inevitably, a sport with this kind of social impact becomes a playground for all sorts of power relations, especially political ones. It happened in Berlusconi’s Italy, and it happens in our mioritical space, a bit adapted, because of 2-3 club owners. The cohabitation of politics and football is spiced up by a powerful orthodox-nationalistic tendency. What happens in football is almost like a training ground for the worse socio-political scenario that can happen: the religious radicalization of Romania through an orthodox-nationalistic rhetoric. (Dan Popescu)