​​Alina Popa – In/Out
Visually speaking, Bucharest is one of the most appealing capital cities in Europe, or at least, this is what the young artists think. In photography, Bucharest is rediscovered as a star, as a place with surprising contrasts, both heterogeneous and kitsch. After the pessimistic rhetoric of the post revolutionary generation, stating that Bucharest could be saved only if abandoned, the 2k artists reconcile with it, finding it very animated and full of life.
Alina Popa is a young artist, and this is her first personal exhibition, although there are a couple of other events that are worth mentioning. In 2006 she was one of the top five Romanian photographers selected in the Henkel Award, and also in 2006 she was in the top three finalists of Prometheus – Opera Prima Award.(Dan Popescu)