Artists: Gili Mocanu

​Gili Mocanu – Mit Technik

Gili Mocanu’s works are post-conceptual products in which the reduction of form is dictated by the idea. His drawings are synthetic and his painting usually ends up looking like technical drawing or primitive graphics.

After „Ohne technik”, follows „Mit technik”, an exhibition that takes further Gili’s reductionistic artistic project. About the first one I said that it aims at a utopia: how can one represent the most general objects possible? Well, Gili takes everything one step further. He reduces language to the 2 primary sounds: the consonant and the vowel, namely, the C and the O. They can form connections, and their chaining produces...the rest. With this kind of connection between primary audio items, Gili tries to draw caligram-things that are neither 2D nor 3D. They are esencialist drawings in 2,5D.(Dan Popescu)